I have created this safe place to share my journey and my book. To educate & inspire. To love and to heal.

I want you to know that you are never alone, you have choices, and you are loved.

Go well


I don’t know what I’d do without my belief that we are never alone and angels walk beside us.
As soon as I think of someone in need I send angel prayers to them and I know the bridge between the angels and the one I am thinking of, are wrapped in their wings to be healed and helped on their journey.
So many times I seek a sign and a feather appears, I have often given these feathers to people, as I know they are meant for them, as they are in need of the knowing they do not walk alone.
Today talk with your angels and ask for their help and guidance you will be pleasantly surprised.


The one constant in life I have lived by is knowing if it is done with LOVE it cannot be wrong.
If you yank your child’s arm to prevent them stepping out into traffic -that is love.
When you yell at a loved one as they walk in the door because you have been so worried about their late return- that is Love
When you honestly, with kind words, let someone know they are out of line or their choice is hurting you or others -that is love
When you let someone or some pet go because you know it is their time-that is love


Anxiety is very real when you are experiencing it
Your heart thumps in your chest.
You feel light headed or even pressurized in your head
You want to run and/or fight
Your breath is restricted and all in all you feel like you are dying, even may feel you are having a heart attack.
Yet how do we distinguish Anxiety from a real medical event.
My suggestion is to seek medical attention and if it is anxiety you are a winner.
Yet we need to manage the anxiety and I have found anxiety comes from our thoughts. Even if we think we are not having a thought something has slipped over our mind and we are reacting based on a previous memory to keep our self safe.
I have had this experience and I have found counting backwards 5,4,3,2,1 realigns my focus.
It allows me to pause…
Then I refocus and breathe long deep calming breaths and I notice the sensations in my body and I speak lovingly to them. For instance, “heart I can feel you pounding I am here for you, let’s calm the beat down while I breathe.”
I then notice any other body sensations and speak lovingly to them. I notice the ground under my feet, the sounds and smells around me and I return to noticing my breath.
I notice the way I am holding my body and with a breath I release and appreciate my body. I may rub my hands together briskly and then cup them over my eyes and thank my eyes for letting me see all that is good and beautiful.
Anxiety diminishes, I feel safe and in control again and I have interrupted the train of thought.
So often we are on that train of thought before we realize and our body is reactive based on past experiences. Pausing, breathing and being aware of where we are and treating our self with loving kindness can re program our brain. It all comes down to a choice…
I choose to be kind to myself and hold me and cherish me every step of my journey.


We are all connected by cords of light and we can either help or hinder another
Especially ones we love
Life can be a Tug Of War.
You can be a Right Fighter or a LET IF GO, LET IT FLOW
Been in an argument and no matter what you feel or say the other person is not hearing you. They get louder and louder and you feel angry frustrated as you cannot be heard.
You are in a RIGHT FIGHT
Let go of the need to be right and peace prevails.
They may get louder but when you are no longer entering into the energy struggle, they are like a flame without oxygen. The fight goes and you walk away with peace.
Walk in Peace
Soulful Guidance with Suzanne





Just for a moment imagine you are the Sky.
Endless, infinite, vast and always there.
Clouds pass across you like thoughts in your mind.
Bird’s fly across you like people passing through your life.
At night stars are held twinkling like precious loved ones
Storms blow across you yet you remain calm and complete.
You as the sky is always there, it is only your thought that create emotions which creates storms.
Yet the sky is always there calm and loving. Your soul self, wise self is with you every moment.  Like the sky.
Pause in the midst of turmoil and look to the sky. Infinite calm is who you really are.🌌
Listen to your Soul for it will guide you.

I AM THE SKY a Painting By Suzanne Rogers


Live In Loving Kindness

If I look back over my life, the one thing I know I have always attempted to be is KIND.
Loving Kindness is a choice. I would never want anyone to feel the abuse, misery or internal pain I experienced so I choose to walk aware of my imprint on others.
Its’s all about Choice.
My parents disrespected me yet I still loved them as my parents that doesn’t mean I would have them in my life yet I wish no ill on anyone.
If I am hurt by others, I still choose to be Kind. It doesn’t mean I don’t get hurt or angry or frustrated but I choose to never inflict misery on any other.
There is no right way. There is only the KIND way.



Yet if you breath in deeply then exhale slowly saying the word PEACE you have created a Peaceful feeling within.
Give it a try do it three breaths in a row. Slow deep and even 


You Are A Star In Your Own Life 🌠
So often we sell our selves short. We don’t see how amazing we truly are. If we don’t see our shiny qualities how can we expect others to see them? We need to know we are born to be our Amazing Selves. Our Own Shining Star in Our Life This world will be less brighter without you so make sure you shine your brightest. What ever you do wherever you go this world loves and appreciates you and who your are. 🌟


Keeping in the FLOW

Have you noticed everything flows to the SEA?

We all flow one way yet too often we struggle against the natural FLOW of Life.

We battle against Life and wonder why we are exhausted.

What if for a moment we LET GO and allowed our self to FLOW to the SEA?

A huge Peace will settle within us and we can appreciate the journey rather than live in the struggle.



We are spirit in a body, our aim here in this Earth life is to be the best version of ourselves we can be. It isn’t easy for at times as we bounce off of all the energies of this world yet if you are aware of what is happening inside your head you just might choose to let go of the riff-raff plummeting around in your mind and choose a life of loving kindness.

If you Pause when you feel anger rising and thank the anger for coming yet don’t fall prey to acing out in rage or suppress to cause inner rage, you may find you can choose to fill your mind with kind thoughts. The same can be with any of our emotions. So often we have a thought and we then move with it into the emotion, nothing is bad about that but the majority of the time we end up feeling more pain and suffer intensely. If we can raise our awareness of what our mind is thinking before we are carried away on the TRAIN of Thought, we have a chance to live a life kinder to ourselves.

So often we are on the train consumed and cannot see any of what is happening around us for it is like we have become blindfolded in our emotion. If we breath and for a moment wonder what may have triggered this out of control feeling we may find we do have some control after all.

First comes the thought fleeting through your mind then a memory is triggered and the emotion follows. Before we have paused and looked at what caused the emotion we are wrapped in old patterns stories and pain. What if you asked yourself while in the moment, is this true and real right now? Maybe you would step off the train and save yourself a hurtling journey of pain and misery. If each time you took a pause by pulling on the STOP THIS TRAIN cord and maybe hopped off the train and looked at the thoughts that set you off, you may find you can choose a to say “Thank you to the thought but you are not real for me anymore” you could then enjoy your journey in loving kindness.

Blessed Be

Suzanne x

Christmas 2019

In our Hands we hold a power far greater than we know. They say ‘many hands make light work’ therefore if we all contribute even if it is with the power of a kind word or a hand on a shoulder we are sharing the power of Love to others.
We hold the world in our hands, we can pray with our hands but the greatest thing we can do is to place our hands upon another to say “I See You. I Hear You. I may not be able to take your pain away but I Can Be Here and Walk this Journey with you”
I love a song by Jewel – HANDS
The song reminds me that my hands are small but I can make a difference by being there for others.
I am never broken is part of the lyrics. I may feel broken and despaired but I am stronger than I know.
So much can help us on our journey we only need to gather around us the tools sometimes at Christmas people feel more despaired for many reasons yet we are loved and held by a force of Love so powerful and messages come in many different ways to lift us. The greatest is the Love of our self. Use your hands to HUG you. You are a beautiful soul of this Universe and You are Loved beyond measure.
MANY BLESSINGS and as I hold my hands in Prayer I wish you well.
May you be well
May you know Joy
May you feel peace
May you be well.

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