About Me

Welcome fellow traveller.

My name is Suzanne, Soulful Guidance is my new adventure as a Public Speaker and author of The Soul Speaks Within.

I have been on my own journey and have written my story, The Soul Speaks Within, my story is like so many others stories, where we all grapple with life and find our way through the sunshine and storms. The one thing I have found, is our Soul guides us to exactly where we need to be and because of my journey, I feel my gift has allowed me to speak to your soul and offer you soul guidance.

In the storms of our life we seek counselors, clergy or friends to chat about what they think can help us on our journey I have found what I have been gifted to do is offer that gap in between. I have found people who sit with me hear the wisdom of their soul and it resonates with them to give them hope to move on in life.

I feel it does not come from me as I know I work with higher powers. I know what it was like to feel alone in my darkness, seeking support was difficult and sometimes the support fell short.

My mum, when I was little, use to tell me to get off my soap box, for I often found I was more adult in my words which flew out of my mouth. My mother did not want to hear the message so I was stiffed as a child. I had an event happen in my life that I never thought I’d rise from yet I did, in the promise I would use the gift to help others as I know what it was like to walk alone in a crowd.


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