For over 30 years I have been offering Soulful Guidance to those who find their way to me, as I believe our unique gifts resonate with those who are guided to us.
My passion is to help others facilitate their awakening by sharing and showering love. Some may call me a medium or a clairvoyant, whereas labels aren’t relevant to me. It’s the connection soul to soul that interest me, raising hope and peace as we walk along the journey.

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My gift still astounds me to this day.

Words fly out of my mouth and I have seen my soulful talk touch souls. There is nothing special about me, I have been called a big heart on legs. I know what it is like to feel alone on the journey so my gift has developed to assist others find their soul self and live a life most wanted.

I work one on one in private sessions or in groups with short poignant messages.

I conduct meditation classes and workshops and love public motivational speaking engagements.

I am passionate about well being and use Young Living Oils, having been on a health journey, I know first hand how natural is the way to good health.

With using Young Living Essential Oils I let the oils speak to me when I make a blend to assist those in need.

In my one on one sessions, I can administer healing. Healing works on all of the energy fields and others have remarked on how much comfort it brings to them.

A gift comes in many forms, some have a gift to play a musical instrument, teach, paint, sciences or mathematics. In the nature of Spiritual gifts there are no colleges that can teach as the soul is the greatest teacher and I have dedicated myself to living a life of loving kindness. I have a responsibility to the gift and how I deliver messages, to ensure no harm is done.

I made a pact 33 years ago and I am living to my promise to the Highest power. I choose to serve, as I remember how desolate I have felt. I believe the gift I have been given assists people to fill the gap to help them find their way through dark passages.

And so it is.

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